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Google Glass First Impressions - Explorer Edition

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    Google Glass Explorer Edition is intended for developers and "early testers," and while this group of customers may include those who feel like they can afford a $1,500 wearable device, everyday people aren't the primary target yet.

    But yes, Google Glass is a very real product, and it really works, but its app support remains pretty limited.

    It looks like Google Glass -- the consumer version -- will arrive sometime in 2014.

    In the meantime, app developers and Google will be using this model to develop software and experiences that will be incorporated into the consumer version.

    Glass takes photos and videos, sends text messages, engages in FaceTime-like Google Hangouts, makes phone calls, searches Google, and gets turn-by-turn navigation with maps.

    It can show the weather, the time, and headlines from The New York Times that have been pushed to the device, with spoken headline summaries.

    For now, anyway, that's about it.

    Some features require tethering -- GPS-based functions that use the phone, such as turn-by-turn directions.

    Others, like Google Hangouts and Google Search, can also be performed over Wi-Fi.

    When offline, Glass only takes photos and videos.

    The Glass Explorer package comes with the Glass unit itself (in a variety of colors), a snap-on sunglasses visor, a clear visor, and a Micro-USB charger.

    There's a rigid cloth pouch to store Glass in, but the frame can't be folded up like regular sunglasses -- at least, in its current iteration.

    It's more like a visor, so you'd need some sort of larger bag.

    Glass runs on Android, but can connect to both iOS and Android devices.

    It can connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to a phone, a laptop, or a home Wi-Fi network, or even work alone as a disconnected offline camera.

    The 5-megapixel camera shoots 720p video, 10 seconds at a time by default.

    It has 12.5GB of onboard storage and a battery that's meant to last a day.

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