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Image Alt Text vs Image Title in WordPress

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    There are a large number of sites out there that show images with their content or as the primary part of their content.

    Even though WordPress comes with the option to add alt title and image title they are often not used.

    In this video, we will show you the difference between image alt text and image title.nnIf you liked this video, then please Like and consider subscribing to our channel for more WordPress videos.nnText version of this tutorial:n us out on Facebook:n us on Twitter:n our website for more WordPress Tutorialsn of this Tutorial:nnAdding a image alt text will show when the image can't be displayed or to help search engines decide what the image is.nnAn image title will show when a user mouses over a image.nnThese attributes are used to help with accessibility on your site for those with poor vision or screen readers.nnTo add the alt and image title start by uploading a image.nnYou will see the ability to add the alt title.nnOnce the image is in your post you can edit the image and there you will find the image title to set.