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Codemics:How to fix shaky and curved GoPro / FC40 videocheck out more on

How to fix shaky and curved GoPro / FC40 video

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  • Uploaded 3 years ago in the category DJI Phantom

    How to fix shaky and curved GoPro / FC40 videonnHere is a quick tutorial on how to correct shaky video in Adobe Premiere CC.

    This will work in other versions as well.nnYou will need to first cut edit your clips to the desired length.

    Once you have the video edited.

    Open Video Effects, Select Distort, and apply Warp Stabilizer plugin.

    It will take a moment to complete.

    I normally use the default settings, but you can adjust further for desired result under the "effects" tab.nnTo repair the curvature or lens distortion of the video.

    Apply the "Lens Distortion" plugin under "Video Effects" and adjust the amount of "curvature"nnThanks for checking out the video.nnTwitter: @_codemicsnBlog: